Crescent Tool Kit Review

Do you want a tool kit that has you covered on everything from simple DIY home-fixers all the way to industrial applications for the seasoned pro?

The Apex tool group have got you covered. They produce top of the line tool kits – and they’ve updated their latest offering to create one of the most complete tool kits ever: The Crescent CTK toolkit. I’m going to write a Crescent CTK170MP2 tool kit review shortly, but let me summarise.

This new version of the Crescent toolkit has an amazing set of tools; everything from screwdrivers to wrenches. For woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts, you’ll be covered with whatever you need. It comes in a sturdy box that’s injection molded. You’ll not be worrying about stuff falling out or the box falling to pieces.

If you’re into DIY or the odd piece of carpentry like the majority of readers on this site, this tool kit goes above and beyond what you need. If you’re a professional mechanic, then this tool kit is light and easy to carry around, but comprehensive enough to get the job done.

Why it’s going to change your life – one paragraph

Crescent Toolkit Review

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I remember being a kid – working in my Granddad’s workshop. I never really understood, but my grandfather always bought (and still buys) high quality tools. You know what I remember about Crescent from those days? They had a lifetime guarantee.

A lifetime guarantee shows complete confidence in a manufacturer’s quality of a product.

This crescent tool kit doesn’t disappoint in terms of quality. They are just as strong as my Grandad’s old tools – except now they’re a lot slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing. This means that you’ll look great when using them, sure. But I bet you don’t care too much about that. What you should care about is the strength – these tools will go.

Secondly, you’re going to love the variety. Over 170 tools are in this box of treasures. If you want to work on your bike, then you can. If you want to tighten some pipes, then you can. I’ve recommended elsewhere that you need to cover the basics before you move on to stuff like jigsaws and mitre blades – and this tool kit will help you cover the basics and more.

Thirdly, you’re going to love the compactness of this set. The thing with a tool kit is that it’s only useful if you have it with you. This tool kit can sit in your car and stay there. It doesn’t take up much space for having s much inside it.

What Is The Crescent Toolkit Like?

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I bought a tool kit because I wanted to get started with DIY. We’d had our fifth plumber come to my parents’ house to fix a leaking bath. I was sick of having to rely on people that charged $50 an hour yet never seemed to fix the problem. I was too late to fix the bathroom, but now I rarely call a specialist for anything. Things like the Crescent tool kit make doing your own DIY and fixing your own problems easy.

Imagine you have a burst pipe. You can call a plumber who’ll charge you $100 an hour and always find something expensive that “needs” fixing. Or you can buy a toolkit and a few other basic tools, take a step back and diagnose and fix your own problems. That’s the power a toolkit like the Crescent gives you.

You know, fixing most problems isn’t hard. It consists of two steps.

First, you’ve got to diagnose the problem. Leaks, holes where they shouldn’t be and other broken things make us emotional. You need to calm yourself down. There’s always a way to fix things. You need to find the problem and then address it.

The second part is fixing the problem. You’d be amazed what a little elbow grease and a cheap hammer and toolkit can do for you. I’ll give you a hint: shady mechanics charge hundreds for the things a bit of RTFM and a few turns of a wrench can do.

Where Can you Buy The Crescent Tool Kit?

If in doubt, I always recommend going to Amazon. You know what you’re getting with Amazon. Anonymous yet efficient service.

When you buy from Amazon, you get the guarantee of a multi-billion dollar corporation. They aren’t going to dick you around with returns. If you don’t like it, return it. It’s that simple.

They also provide free shipping on the Crescent tool kit. You can’t get better than free.

Simply click the link below and add it to your cart. Go through the simple Amazon checkout and that’s all she wrote.


I’m not really selling you on a tool kit, even though this is a tool kit review. I’m selling you on the ability to fix the majority of problems you have. Maybe even convince you to take up making some things.

The crescent tool kit will help you do the first, and it can help you do the second.

It’s also easy to order, and it’ll come ready to use – straight out of the box, where everything clips in perfectly.

Click to Buy Here Now!

P.S. You’ll love the Crescent tool kit. You’ll love the abilities that having your own tool kit brings you even more.

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