Maxcraft Stubby Claw Hammer Review

Do you want a cute looking hammer that’ll work hard for you and get the job done?

The Maxcraft Stubby Claw Hammer will achieve that goal for you and more. Seriously. Read on to find out what I think of the Maxcraft Stubby Claw Hammer.

If you are a hobbyist DIY’er, then the Maxcraft Stubby Claw Hammer will give you a versatile little tool that actually exceeds expectations in a lot of areas.

This is an ideal hammer for a few different people:

  • Women (and I’m not being sexist here. It’s lightweight and small; so better suited for female hands)
  • Guys who need to work in tight spaces
  • The first time DIYer or homeowner who needs a basic hammer to get the job done

If you’re one of those people, then read on!

Maxcraft Stubby Claw Hammer Review

maxcraft stubby claw hammer review

After seeing the Maxcraft Stubby Claw Hammer at a local store,  I decided to give it a go because I’m a gear junkie… wait. I decide to give it a go because I like buying tools, sure, but also because I was intrigued. It looked tiny, like a toy you’d get in a Christmas cracker. I didn’t think it’d be up to any serious challenges.

I was wrong.

I’ll talk about why in a minute, but here’s a list of the hammer’s features:

  • Full size 8 oz. forged steel claw head
  • Magnetic head holds nail for one-handed starting
  • Soft, non-slip, contoured handle grip
  • Stubby 6 in. length for small jobs or tight work areas



 Maxcraft Stubby Claw Hammer Vs. Other Products

maxcraft stubby claw hammer review 1

Look, this isn’t the most expensive hammer ever. It’s not the biggest or most powerful. You can’t break a concrete wall with this.

But that’s what you’re paying for. This is a versatile little hammer because it’s a little hammer. Those little jobs around the house – or the leak in your attic. That’s what this hammer is designed for.

Because feature lists don’t tell the whole story, let me explain the benefits:

  • The claw head makes removing nails easy!
  • The worst part of hammering is getting the nail in the right place. You don’t have to worry about that due to the magnetic head which will hold your nail in place.
  • The handle has an ergonomic design so that it won’t be uncomfortable to hold in your hand.
  • It’s only six inches long. Size does matter! And this maxcraft stubby claw hammer is perfect for doing work in tight spaces.


This is fantastic for the first-time home owner and the guy or gal looking to fix a few little jobs. It’s also perfect for the person who wants to get their start in DIY and woodworking.

If you’re looking for a budget hammer that’ll allow you to survive and thrive in tight spaces when something needs hammering, then I’m happy to recommend the Maxcraft stubby claw hammer.


maxcraft stubby claw hammer review 3

This is the magnetic holder for your nails. It’s great!

I think you’ll enjoy Maxcraft Stubby Claw Hammer the most the first time you get into a cramped space and need to put some work down. A $13 investment might be the best few dollars you ever spent in that moment.

Also, if you’ve never hammered a nail in before… you’re in for a treat. Nothing will prepare you for the surge of primal power you feel when that nail goes in.

You can get it from Amazon right here:

Click Here To Order

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