Stiletto TiBone Hammer Review

I write reviews for this site regularly. Often, it’s a case of personal preference. Not today though. Today I’m talking about something which is clearly the best in the world at what it does. Strap yourself in for my Stiletto hammer review.

The Stiletto Hammer is the best in the world. It’s priced as such which is the only con. If you’ve had enough of cheap, affordable hammers and you’re looking to get some serious business done, then you should look into the Stiletto hammer.

If you are an amateur hobbyist when it comes to woodwork, then maybe you should pass on the hefty price tag unless you’re really into quality. If, however, you’re a professional then the Stiletto Hammer will give you unparalleled hammering with the highest quality hammer you’ve ever tried.

Using The Stiletto Hammer for Your Retirement (You Read That Right!)

There are financial catastrophes occurring all over the world every day. Banks go under, bonds are worth negative money and stocks – well, you always take the risk when you decide to play the game there.

Why does this relate to a hammer?

Well, the best things to invest in are physical. Namely – land and real estate. If you’re a hobbyist, you don’t need the best in the world. If you are making money from your projects, then you need the best.

By using Stiletto Hammer, you’ll have the best. Oh, and it’ll be a deductible expense for your real estate business too. This hammer will bring a positive return on your investment because it’ll last forever, and its weighting and build quality mean that you’ll be able to use it for hours at a time without feeling the effects of it.

Not only that, but it has replaceable steel faces for all its parts – which means that the lifetime of this tool is extended even further.  This hammer might become a family heirloom!

Stiletto Hammer Review

stiletto tibone hammer review

Isn’t it Beautiful?

After seeing the Stiletto Hammer and reading some of the reviews, you’ll want to try it, whether it suits your budget or not. Of course, I try and be impartial in these reviews – don’t buy it if all you need to do is hammer in a picture frame. It’s $200 dollars.

If, however, you’ve got some heavy duty hammering to do, then the Stiletto hammer will make sure you get fantastic results.

Here’s a complete list of features from the manufacturer:

  • Stronger, lighter, and 10 times less recoil shock than steel
  • Lightweight 15 oz titanium head eases fatigue, yet drives like a 28 oz. steel hammer
  • Magnetic nail start feature on nose of the hammer for easy one-handed nails starts in overhead work
  • Ergonomically contoured handle grip is made of a hardwearing rubber designed for comfort and built to generate more leverage and power
  • Replaceable steel faces for extended tool life, smooth or milled


Stiletto Hammer Vs. Other Hammers


Compared to other products, this isn’t cheap. Whether it’s value for money or not depends on your goals. For the homeowner or hobbyist, it’s overkill – unless you run a homestead or something.

Instead, it’s an investment designed for professionals; woodworkers, metalworkers, engineers and builders.

If you’re one of those guys, then you’ll want to try it for these reasons:

  • It’s lightweight – at a lb – it packs more punch than it should
  • It’s ergonomically designed so it feels even lighter than that!
  • It’s titanium build means that it’ll last forever.

When you want to experience the best hammer in the world, then check out the Stiletto Hammer.


I think you’ll enjoy Stiletto Hammer if you’re deducting it as an expense and using it to build your handiwork business or build a real estate investment portfolio.

If you’ve never used an expensive hammer, you’ll be surprised at how such a simple tool can have so many elements that are simply better than the competition.

Lastly, get it from Amazon because you’ll get Amazon’s guarantees as far as deliveries and returns are concerned. It’s always best to be covered when you’re spending money.

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